Warrant of Trade

The Warrant

Duties As Rogue Trader
p. Along with the freedom the Warrant grants it also carries duties to be carried out in order to maintain status.

  • To transmit records of all planets taken in the name of the Imperium to the Administratum for assessment of tithes.
  • To maintain a House Seat within Ultima Segmentum.
  • To aid in the prosecution of the Emperor’s wars, when able.
  • To spread the Imperial Faith to any human population encountered.
  • To make yourself and any forces under your command available to pursue the Imperium’s needs upon request of a signatory or a signatory’s organization.


  • Commander Carab Culln, High Lord Commander of the Red Scorpions
  • Inquisitor-Legate Jarndyce Frane, The Holy Orders of the Emperor’s Inquisition
  • Tyberos the Red-Wake, Captain of the Carcharodons First Company
  • Captain Pellas Mir’san, Captain of the Salamanders Second Company

Warrant of Trade

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