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  • Dramatis Personae

    [[:hal-cutter-gana | Hal "Cutter" Gana]] -- Rogue Trader and Lord Captain of The King of Seasons. [[:aphesius-vyn-faustus | Aphesius Vyn Faustus]] -- Seneschal to House Gana [[:rook-thal-kor | Rook Thal Kor]] -- Explorator Techpriest

  • Warrant of Trade

    h1. *The Warrant* h2. *Duties As Rogue Trader* p. Along with the freedom the Warrant grants it also carries duties to be carried out in order to maintain status. * To transmit records of all planets taken in the name of the Imperium to the …

  • The King of Seasons

    A grand and glorious vessel, one of the last Conquest Class Star Galleons left in Battlefleet Maelstrom. Captained by [[:reynard-gana | Reynard Gana]] until his retirement. The King of Seasons was gifted to House Gana along with the Writ of Trade …

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