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  • Reynard Gana

    The first Rouge Trader of House Gana, captained [[:the-king-of-seasons | The King of Seasons]] during the Badab War and was granted a Writ of Trade for gallant service to the Imperium.

  • Quinn Bernat

    Quinn was born and raised on the death world Luther McIntyre IX, along side his good friend Hal Gana. When he reached adulthood he was tithed to the Imperium; due to his strong leadership qualities and high intelligence he was sent into service in the …

  • Remo Fierro

    Remo Fierro was born and spent the majority of his formative years on Cadia, training to be a soldier and stand in the defense of his homeworld and Imperium. But as is so often the case the tides of fate had other plans, at the age of 15 he began to …

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